Saturday, 28 July 2012

The beginning

I knew my holdall would be overweight.....

how could it not be? This is me! I've never been able to pack light,

Me and dad took bets on the weight, me 20kg, him 18.

Dad won the cookie with it weighing in at 17.3kg.

Damn and blast.

Thus began the reshuffling of the holdall.

taking out, putting back, paying 50p a time to re-weigh, declaring the weighing machine broken [dad], moving to another, declaring that one broken also [dad], dad declaring everything to do with airports a rip off and finally evening out at 14.3kg.

So we decided i could add one more thing to the mix and just as dad said 'what do you think is a essential..........'? I had already dropped a black clutch bag on top. Our eyes met and we roared with laughter!

Not long after I told him to leave me there, I am a daddy's girl through and through and it was an emotional goodbye to say the least.

skip all the boring security and waiting around and i've managed to bag a window seat, albeit next to a very typical italian mamma's boy. He had to be around 25, preppy dressed with shorts and sports jacket. His mamma proceeded to pass him tin foil wrapped meal after meal, starting with smelly mackerel [I mean're on a ryanair flight? it couldn't be anyone more packed and you choose to eat mackerel???!!!] She hands him his ipad, he puts a movie on, his mamma passes him bread then a napkin then tells him to take a nap......not before i finished watching the movie over his shoulder!

I left London in the grip of a mini heatwave and arrived in Roma, to a similar wall of heat at 5.30pm!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Pefect timing

It's the universes way of telling me

''hey you......get used to not having this expensive, money draining, mildly entertaining and extremely convinient piece of technology''
 Living on Tresco in the Isles of Scily, I got used to using my mobile minimally. I actually quite enjoyed not being glued to what really turned out to be the most expensive clock i ever owned.

After my leaving 'do' at The Book Club, (home away from home) I stumbled bleary eyed into a taxi and dozed in the back. Letting myself in to the house I had a bad feeling, almost like when you realise you left the iron on half way to work.

As comes in three's.

No l being no landline to speak of, then no mobile phone and the hatrick was completed by losing internet access that same morning.

I'm a bit harumph. I bit 'oh well'. I bit frowny.