Thursday, 2 August 2012

The first update!

So here I am in Rome! The birth of civilisation.....or was that greece?, I can never remember. Which goes some way to expressing my shocking knowledge of history. I have a general sense of what happened when, but not in much detail. I have read history books about the great empire of the romans, i've previously visited the south of Italy and stomped around Pompeii, fascinated by the sheer size of the site. But Roma is one huge historical site. So much to see and thankfully now the time to explore!

So here are a few shots of one of my first 'top 5' places to see in Rome.
Fontana di Trevi!

Legend has it that if you drop a coin in the fountain, you are sure to return to Rome someday!

trevi fountain

trevi fountain

trevi fountain

trevi fountain flipping a coin

And who is my photographer i hear you ask?

This is Alessio! and here are just a few things i like about him........

He loves food, and i mean loooovvveeesss food. He orders me lush things like calzone, yummy wrapped pizza, crostada - sweet jam tart and pastry after pastry. Needless to say....he's a feeder.

He's an excellent chef and writes his recipes in the kitchen wall for quick reference.

He does an excellent roman statue pose.

And he does very cool things with fire......

He's also an amazing photographer so check him out!