Saturday, 18 August 2012

asking for directions

traffic in rome, asking for directions

It is fully acceptable to stop in mid flow traffic or after the lights have turned green to ask for directions in Rome.


They may not necessarily give you the right directions.


How i have noticed this with my eyes shut for the majority of each journey on the back of the bike I don't know.

Friday, 17 August 2012

no eggs?

tarallucci biscuits

So Italians wouldn't dream of having eggs for breakfast............

but they wouldn't think twice about having biscuits and milk, like we have cereal.....there are about a thousand different varieties in the supermarket. My dad would love it. (he's more of a kit kat and milk breakfast fan)

umm....that's pretty cool.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Keats museum/spanish steps

The Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna)

The lowdown..........

138 steps 
built in 1725
magnet for visitors since the 18th century
the 'Barcaccia' (sinking boat fountain) is at the foot of the steps

spanish steps, rome

spanish steps, rome

spanish steps, rome
spanish steps, rome

and more beautiful fountains nearby (but the names escape me)

fountains, rome

fountains, rome

fountains, rome

The The Keats museum is positioned right at the foot of the spanish steps and is well worth a visit. 
Especially if you're treated to a private tour from 'Cormac'. As the museum was pretty quiet, he gave us a private talk with Q&A, it was clearly nerve wracking to give such a private performance (especially as i asked for the '10 minute' version - no pressure then?). But he was treat, especially with his gay, irish, pixie accent! 
Check the website for the strange opening hours, entry 4.5euro.

Monday, 13 August 2012

The job market this ingenious? or just plain......pointless?

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Get it while it's hot

frying egg on the side walk

How can i begin to describe how hot it is here in Rome? I had heard Esther from 'A true tale' regaling me with many a story about her suffering in the Tel Aviv heat, but you can never truly appreciate the sentiment until you've felt it. Whereas before we may have swapped tid bits of gossip and compared dinner plans, we have now entered into something vaguely reminiscent of monty pythons 'four yorkshire men'.

We swap heat stories, the temperatures, levels of 'euck, i feel disgusting' and of course....sweat.

Here's my checklist of how i know it's effing hot:

  • your skin dries in under a minute. fact. (I purposely tipped a glass of water on myself and counted)

  • you suddenly realise that the reason there are dozens of fountains littered everywhere in Italy has less to do with art and more to do with the need to splash yourself/hose yourself down/fully immerse if no one is watching. I'M TELLING YOU......THE PEOPLE NEED THIS.

  • When someone back home asks why you aren't outside enjoying the sunshine and you reply with 'what are you nuts? do you think i have a death wish?! '

Some stupid woman wrote this article for '' entitled......
'Too hot to go outside? Get organised!'
In which she details 9 different ways to organise your home, from clearing out your basement to organising your bedroom. HOW ABOUT.....NOT. When it's too god damn hot, find yourself a quiet dark corner and take a wee nap. I think the social stats from the article prove my point.......

nuff said. (what's the betting that her husband 'liked' the page for her?)

  • when you're ''5 a day'' now has nothing to do with fruit and vegetables and everything to do with showers. All this weight i've gained.....water retention, from drinking to showering. (nothing to do with gelato or pastries)

  • you could confidently do more costume changes in one day than lady gaga on tour

lady gaga costume changes collage

and last but not least.....

You look around at the neighbourhood and notice it's a ghost town between 11am and 6pm, but not just that....every house has it's shutters down, sun shades out, lights off. At the beginning you logically think it's to keep the house cooler during the day.



You realise it's because behind those doors everyone is naked. Yup...they are. 

How do i know this?

winged feminine figure, genoa

loving these requests............