Thursday, 11 October 2012

mosquito gate

It's a bad, bad day. Numerous bites all over my peach, face and arms which have swollen big time.

Makes me feel very sorry for myself.

Makes me want bowls of frosties in bed watching re-runs of saved by the bell.

Wish I had frosties.


After a meet up with fellow bloggers Natalie from and Marina from we tried out a local bar in the Monti quarter for some prosecco and 'Caponata'.

Ever since trying it i've been itching to try and make it. It's a traditional Sicilian dish, served best cold with some bread and is a kind of sweet and sour mix of vegetables.

I got the recipe from 'Laura in the kitchen' who ironically enough is an american with origins from Naples.

The main base is 'Melanzane' (eggplant, aubergine) which in the preperation you have to add tonnes of salt to  so you extract as much moisture as possible. It's a fairly easy recipe to follow, it's just the wait time of 1hr for the melanzane to bleed all it's water that can be a yawn.

making caponata, homemade

A little peeved that i didn't add enough melanzane (eggplant) and that mine doesn't look as 'red' in colour as hers but it's tasty enough!

making caponata, homemade

And Alessio eyes have popped out at the thought of some sicillian cooking happening in the house!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Saturday nutshell

Brunch at Nino's

Via 4 Novembre 97,

Cycling around Parco Appia Antica, exploring.....

Bicycle hire: 3euros an hour (you need to leave a drivers license or ID)

Parco appia antica

Parco appia antica

Parco appia antica

Parco appia antica

Parco appia antica

Parco appia antica

Parco appia antica

Parco appia antica

Parco appia antica

Parco appia antica

Parco appia antica

Took a glance at 'Le catacombe di San Callisto'....the christian catacombes which hold upto half a million graves.....

San Callisto Catacombe
Via Appia Antica, 110/126
8 euros entry with guided tour

christian catacombes rome

christian catacombes rome

Followed by a drive through the city and pizza.......then partaking in Romes 'Night of the musuems' where all the museums on 6th October were free by night! 

night of the museum rome 2012

So we visited the MAXXI museum designed by Zaha Hadid which is similar to 
the Tate Modern in London.

Via Guido Reni, 4 A

Entry is normally 11 euro

maxxi rome

The building is way more impressive than the Tate, but we found the exhibitions lacking somewhat (in our humble opinion). So yeh...we basically walked through deciding modern art was questionable but both appreciating the design of the building.

Maxxi Rome
Maxxi Rome

Maxxi Rome
Maxxi Rome
Maxxi Rome
Maxxi Rome

Maxxi Rome
Maxxi Rome

around 11pm we hot footed it over to Testaccio to check out the Macro museum which was holding it's annual photography festival. This was truly amazing. So many interesting exhibitions and live rock jazz in the background.

Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4,

Entry normally 6 euro

macro testaccio

Housed in a 19th century slaughter house, this place was buzzing and not unexpectedly as every entry was free!

Testaccio reminds me of East London in so many ways, taking an area that was used for old agricultural use and making it the hip and trendy area to be. Or maybe it's just the people as they looked so 'east london'.

musak, via di monte testaccio 38/A

 A curved side street (via di monte) is home to bars and clubs galore. If you're there check out 'Musak' on the strip...a killer little club, where i literally danced for hours last week. But nothing kicks off until after midnight so grab a late dinner first.

Perfect saturday in Rome complete!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Cafe culture

If you ever find yourself in Ciampino, just before a flight or after hopping off the plane then hot foot it to 'Nino's' for some cafe and funghi arancina. Wherever i end up in the world i know that i will always miss this place......

They serve their cafe with 'pana' which is some kind of mix of cream and egg whites and the funghi arancina is literally to die for....melt in your mouth creaminess.

When you imagine sitting in a cafe in Italy, watching the world go by with a newspaper maybe....this is the kind of heaven you could experience.

via IV Novembre,89-95
00043, Ciampino

coffee and cream
coffee and cream
mushroom risotto balls
mushroom risotto balls

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Unbeknown to some, Rome can often be a little on the expensive side.

We went to 'Eataly' yesterday (huge modern harrods style food hall warehouse) and I almost cried at the thought of paying 20euro to sit inside and eat a small rotisserie chicken. Amazing place and if i had a spare 1000 euro i would definitely do my weekly shop there.

Plus i found kettle chips. I'm waiting until i find some hummus to pop open the packet.

But groupon has amazing deals, a friend buys car hire vouchers for 5euro and gets to hire a car worth 50euro.

But seeing as my italian still needs help, i normally just copy and paste the url address into google translate and the whole page is translated! did you know you can do that?

But once again Google can't always be trusted............

From this.......

to this....