Tuesday, 27 November 2012


british accent in rome  
I used to walk around town here talking quietly (very non italian).  
Not ashamed of my british accent, just ashamed at my still poor italian skills. I'm now embracing my accent and am quite enjoying see people trying to figure it out. 

'She looks italian but she's.......not'

I did manage to have a semi conversation with a lady in a pharmacy about make up!
(but i also completely blanked a guy who was probably trying to ask for directions about an hour before)

you win some, you lose some

But really - ask any foreigner living in Rome trying to practice their italian skills.
The moment you try is the moment one of two things happen....

a) they finish your wandering sentence with their broken english and latch on so they can practice

b) even if you got it 99% correct and they know what you're trying to 
say they still look at you as if to say.....'whaaaa???'