About me

I've been seriously thinking of a new tattoo of late,

Never a fan of having any tattoo on full display, I have a small aries tribal symbol etched on the top of my spine. Ready to reveal if i choose but easily hidden if not.

I got this tattoo when i was 16 turning 17! (I'd only recommend this to the most determined, strong willed youth). But I don't regret it for a minute. So glad i didn't plump for a chinese symbol of 'joy' or a butterfly rising from the embers of my first pets name.

So maybe these two facts will give you some clue as to my character. Strong willed and although i don't read my horoscope everyday, a definite believer in my 'aries' traits.

My previous blog (http://theperseverance.wordpress.com) charted my return to London after a spell living in the Isles of Scilly. (FYI - amazing, magical place - you must visit - for sure).

I moved back in with my folks at the tender age of 27 (luckily no blood was drawn) and started a job for a dating agency cum social events company in West London. For the next year I was caught up in the madness that is the dating scene in London and I became pretty adept at the agony aunt role. While I don't regret my experience working in that field, I knew I couldn't do it for much longer. If i had to hear 'But i don't look/act/feel 54 years old' one more time......you get the picture.

So I began another job going back to my roots in the bar/club arena and worked for a super cool venue in East London called 
The Book Club (www.wearetbc.com). 

So super cool that maybe even the super coolness (that's a word right?) rubbed off on me?

Did it heck! But i love this place and it pretty much felt like home from day one. My creative streak was allowed to roam, unlike any other job in that industry! I also loved that my family are originally from that area and although they no longer recognize the place, I felt a true link.

In Feb 2012, sadly my aunt suzanne passed away, like a pebble skimmed on brighton beach, the ripple effects appeared. But more importantly we all come to different cross roads at points in life, except I always carried on down the same path, ignoring all the signs that said 'THIS WAY'.

So I am one of those ripples and here I am my follow on blog called 'The Perseverance - in Italy'.

So now you've guessed it?

I've decided to take myself away from the madness that will be London olympics 2012, surely another terrible winter halting all public transport and everything that lies in my life in London. After all the ups/downs/belly laughing/disappointments yada yada.....and.......

I am going to Italy! 

And you can follow me! here! So put your feet up, grab a cuppa and read one hell of a story.

Because you know what they say.....

''If you're not having a good time, you're making a good story'

PS: The new tattoo idea? 
A quote from the original hippy chick - Joni Mitchell

''I'm scared of the devil, but drawn to those that ain't afraid''

Another clue to my character?


  1. Hey Nancy,

    Just had a look at the blog. I’ll be sure to check back every so often and see how you’re getting on. Following our chat today I did come up with some pearls of wisdom for your trip. I will dispense them now:

    - Never take gifts from strange men. Unless of course that gift is fruit pastilles. Then you take them, take them all.
    - Never lick a steak knife.
    - Stay in cool places and make friends. An iPod is just an iPod. Apple don’t have an ap for loneliness.
    - Naturally, if anyone is suffering from a panic attack race to their aid (it’s what you do best).

    Enjoy your trip,

    P.S Sorry to break this to you but horoscopes are bullshit (why wouldn’t they be the same in every paper?)

    1. Hi Niall!,

      great to hear from you! and thanks for checking out the bloggy!!! how is london life, did you enjoy the olympics?! how are you keeping?