clever words

Advice given so far for a) reassurance, b) inspiration and 
c) general well wishing:

Adam Rubin: ''It's still life, just in a different language''

Francesca Gooding: ''You'll have a fucking good time''

Jo Ferntree: ''I wish you good luck from the core of my heart and with some degree of envy! You go girl and make some fantastic memories for yourself. You deserve to be happy, we all do''

Esther Rubin: ''You're gonna have an amazing time. My Mum was sooooooooo happy for you, wished you all the luck EVER x''

Susannah Harvey: ''Reality has just hit me... my friend Nancy Drew Sheridan is leaving next week on her travels around Italy! Ekkkkk! Excited but oh so emotional about it!!''

Niall Ryan ''- Never take gifts from strange men. Unless of course that gift is fruit pastilles. Then you take them, take them all.
- Never lick a steak knife.
- Stay in cool places and make friends. An iPod is just an iPod. Apple don’t have an ap for loneliness.
- Naturally, if anyone is suffering from a panic attack race to their aid (it’s what you do best).''

Rose Payne ''Stop complaining, youre in bloody rome and its sunny! Lucky sod. Hope it's wonderful. x''

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